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Welcome to The Digital Nomad Club.

This group is hosted by moi –  Elise Darma – a social media marketer with followings of 250K+, the founder of, and business coach to freelancers.

Having been featured in a range of publications like, The Next Web and Smart Passive Income, my mission is to teach others how to monetize their passions and skills, use the power of social media to create their own movements, and build a freedom-based business.

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the goal of this group

Inside The Digital Nomad Club, we talk about freelancing, social media, and becoming your own boss through your own service-based business.

➡️ If you're interested in building your own business from scratch, this is perfect for you:
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Please! Use this group to:

  • ASK any question about business, freelancing, social media, travel or remote working. You can also ask for help or feedback on what you're working on.
  • SHARE any travel or business tips, hacks or advice you might have.
  • LEARN from each other in a productive and respectful way.

This group is FOR aspiring or seasoned:

  • Digital nomads
  • Freelancers
  • Solopreneurs
  • Online coaches
  • Product-based businesses

...Who are looking to learn MORE about:

  • Instagram growth (for influence or business)
  • Social media marketing for business growth
  • Starting and running their own service-based business
  • The latest in digital and online marketing methods

As a member accepted into this group, you agree to abide by these terms and the following rules. 

The Digital Nomad Club Rules

** This is NOT a group to just lurk around in, drop your own links, and do nothing else **

QUALITY > Quantity. 

If you do not intend to participate in the group, give value and help to others, and only self-promote, this is not the group for you. 

With that being said, I DO want you to use this group to network with others and promote your own awesome things – whether it's your business, blog posts, or wins!

So I've created *specific days* where you can share these creations of yours. PLEASE follow the daily prompts and do not share your own links as a brand new post in the group. 

With that said, please familiarize yourself with the group rules:

Rule #1: No Self-Promotion

"Self-promotion" is sharing any link, graphic or post that is meant to just promote you, your story, or your business.

This means you may NOT share: 

  • links to your website, blog posts, social media, affiliate links, sales pages, landing pages, opt-ins, freebies or your email address
  • other Facebook groups
  • threads asking people to submit information to you, your website, or to DM you
  • surveys
  • Facebook live videos
  • graphics or screenshots that share your website URL or social media handle
  • threads asking people to follow you on your social media

** Exceptions to this rule **

You MAY share your links in the designated daily threads:

  • Market Yourself Monday
  • Blog Tip Tuesday
  • Werk With Me Wednesday
  • Double Tap Thursday
  • Freedom Friday

You MAY also share your links if you are a member of InstaGrowth Boss or Freelance Biz In A Box, and are celebrating a win. 

With your post, you MUST include this exact line: "As a student of Elise's course [INSERT COURSE NAME], this post is #EliseApproved."

Rule #2: No Promotion of Freelance or Instagram-Related Products

This includes promotion of other freelance or Instagram-related products and courses, AND promotion of Instagram methodologies that include buying followers, likes or engagement. Yuck.

Rule #3: No Rude or Disrespectful Behaviour

Basically, don't be a jerk. Any disrespectful behaviour or language towards any other member of the group will get you removed.

You made it! The rules are simple, but the value inside the group is insane. Welcome to The Digital Nomad Club!