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How to remote work from Bali as a digital nomad

How to remote work from Bali as a digital nomad

My month in Bali with PACK recently wrapped up, and this – more or less – is the most common exchange I've been having post-trip:

"How was your holiday in Bali?"

"It was great! I was working too, but it was a nice working holiday."

"You were working? How did you get anything done in Bali?"

Hehe good question.

My short answer is this: time-blocking.

But if you’re an up-and-coming digital nomad yourself, you’ll probably want more details and strategies than that. 😉

Because yes, it's totally possible to take what would normally be a vacation and make it a working holiday – so that you're earning income while traveling. 

5 myths of being a travelpreneur

5 myths of being a travelpreneur

Myth #1: You're paid to travel. 

I get asked this question a lot. 

"How do you get paid to travel?"

The short answer is I don't. 

No one is sending me cheques for booking flights, trekking across the world and checking into Airbnbs 😂  – though that would be fabulous. 

I'm not a travel blogger who's sponsored by brands.

I don't rely on corporate sponsorship to fund my travels. 

Some travel bloggers make an excellent living doing this. I'm not saying they aren't a travelpreneur in that sense, it's just that – it's not how I do it.