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The best 8 apps for Instagram Story videos that convert

The best 8 apps for Instagram Story videos that convert

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a mobile app called Instagram. 

All the millennials and cool Gen Xers flocked to this magical app to share…

Photos. Heavily filtered snaps of snow-covered streets and cappuccino art.

The end.

Imagine Instagram’s story (no pun intended) ended there? 

Ha. Little did we know back in 2010 that photos were the mere beginning.

In 2013, Instagram made it possible to share videos and blew our minds. 

Six years later, with the addition of Instagram Stories and IGTV, video content has become a huge part of Instagram as evidenced by these Instagram video truths:

  • Video content receives up to 21% more interactions than images on Instagram

  • Time users spend watching videos on Instagram has increased 80% year-over-year since video launched

  • 70% of Instagram users watch video content in the form of Instagram Stories every day

  • Video posts receive 38% more engagement than image posts and 2.1x the number of comments

6 best apps to create killer Instagram Stories

6 best apps to create killer Instagram Stories

Levelling up your Insta Stories game is so important. It gives you the opportunity to unleash your inner creative and make your brand stand out.

But you can't just rely on the in-app tools.

If you want your followers to sit up and take notice, your content needs to look different. And — you'll score even more points if it's on brand and helps you create a consistent message across all platforms.

So how do you actually go about doing that?

Here are the best Instagram Story apps for business owners… that have personally helped me boost my engagement, stay on-brand and give my content that unique ‘Elise flair.’