how to write instagram caption

How to write engaging Instagram captions

How to write engaging Instagram captions

Coming up with a "OMG-I-must-comment" Instagram caption is not easy. #TruthBomb

If you want to grow your Instagram account with quality followers who turn into raving fans and customers to your business, captions cannot be an afterthought.

With the new algorithm changes, the level of engagement your post receives within a short timeframe determines if your followers will see it in their newsfeeds.

A good caption will prompt your followers to like, comment, tag a friend or even send a DM your way.

The more engaged your following is, the better your posts will do and the more reach you'll have on the 'gram.

If you want to write an Instagram caption that stops a follower in their tracks and makes them engage with your post, follow my tips and download my cheat sheet below of my top converting captions from last year.