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5 tiny niches you could dominate on Instagram

5 tiny niches you could dominate on Instagram

Are you the type of person that's into really obscure fandoms?

Do you geek out over things that leave most people scratching their heads?

You can turn your passion into a profitable Instagram account.

You might feel like the big niches on Instagram are already oversaturated, and there’s no room for your growth.

Well, you don't need to be a travel blogger, fitness instructor or makeup artist extraordinaire to build a community and make a living off of Instagram.

Even the smallest niches can bring home some extra cash on the side.

Plus, the tiny niches on Instagram have the most untapped potential.

While they might not amass followings of 100K+, these tiny niches can be highly potent with fanatic followings and highly profitable.

5 of the most profitable Instagram niches

5 of the most profitable Instagram niches

Times have changed, my friend.

You no longer need a fancy website to start a profitable business.

You could very well get started with just an Instagram account.

Don't believe me? That's how I created my six-figure business(es).

Insane, right?

I've got multiple income sources coming in all thanks to a free app.

So how did I do it?

By finding a profitable niche and creating a community around my passions for travelling and working remotely.