Here’s a dirty little secret about me: I love the F word.

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In fact, there are a few F-bombs that I drop on the regular:

  • Flights.
  • Freelance.

Freedom is the new F word and these days, I’m cursing like a sailor.

You too? Good, I think we’ll be fab friends.


>> Because I’ll bet that you’re smart and resourceful. But you just don’t know the 346 steps it takes to run your own business.

>> Because you’re on the up-and-up when it comes to social media, but you’ve NEVER thought of creating a personal brand on Instagram, let alone making money from it (I mean, it’s a free app – c’mon…).

>> Because you’re not one to settle. You might be in an office job now or working for someone else, but you feel it in your bones that freedom is your calling.

And me?

That’s exactly what I do.


I show you how to turn your skills into your very own business. ...One that you can run from Italy, Bali or your futon couch.

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Want to know how legit I am?

(I’d be asking these questions too).

I’ve helped thousands of people learn Instagram marketing to grow their own business or brands.

And I’ve helped hundreds of people turn their skills into their very own online business.

“Freelance Biz in a Box gave me the tools and the confidence to cut the cord with my boss of 20 years and venture into the world of the #digitalnomad! Elise has brilliantly figured out how to grow her own business and generously passes along her knowledge to her tribe. See you in Bali soon!” - Cara Gray


Caitlin Palumbo elise darma

"When I came to Elise, I had two goals: to get a freelance business up and running, and to hit 20,000 followers on Instagram – and I've done both. I now have three clients bringing in over $4,000 a month, and a roadmap of how I'll quit my 9-5!" - Caitlin Palumbo

I know it sounds like a magic trick but it’s not that mysterious.

I’m known for my get-to-the-point, straight talk that gives you the essential goods you need today… to make it allllll the way to step 346.


Want to know more about me?

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Here are 10 totally random, not-freedom-related-at-all... facts about me:

1. I love travel, but I hate airplanes.

I feel like a canned sardine being babysat by a next door neighbour who wants me to just go to sleep, already.

2. I got my start in business because of Instagram.

A friend asked for marketing help to grow his clothing company and 9 months later, I quit my job to grow Instagram accounts for clients full-time.

3. I grew up as the only girl in a Mormon family of 6.

(Fun fact: I just have one Mom and my only vice growing up was sugar. I learned at a young age how to bake it into brownies, cookies and cupcakes.)

4. I moved across Canada for a boy.

My advice: don’t move across the country for a boy. But DO take big leaps for yourself.

5. My first name is actually not Elise.

It’s the same as the biggest pop star of the late 90s.

6. I traveled to Europe for the first time on my own at 18 years old.

This is when I first experienced cars on the other side of the road, good-looking Dutch men and flaming sambuca shots.

7. I dropped out of University after being a straight-A student in high school.

My next move? Working on a cruise ship, sailing the Atlantic ocean for a summer.

8. My childhood cat was named Fester.

Not after Uncle Fester Addams, but inspired by a festering sore he got one day after a cat-scrap.

9. If I didn’t have to work, I’d be doing exactly what I’m doing now: traveling, writing and documenting.

Truthfully, I’m more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it.

10. I taught piano for 8 years and today, I LOVE to teach others the things I know – when it comes to Instagram, business, and making travel your new routine.

"Working with Elise was the smartest investment I've made in starting my online business. I've landed 4 high-paying clients, improved my mindset and am now running my business from Bali!" - Natty Valencia


"In just 3 months, I secured 6 ongoing clients which makes me full-time in my business! My aim is to continue growing from here. My only regret - I wish I had just signed up to work with Elise sooner!" - Nicola Smith

So... are you ready?


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